Reggie modes

I have been getting a stack of questions lately regarding the 4 modes Reggie has and honestly I think it's one of -if not the best- asset that this pump has:

"What mode should I be using?" "Do I change the modes during a pumping session?" "What mode did you use?" "Which intensity setting should I be using?" among many others that follow this theme. 

For reference; Reggie has 4 modes - Auto, massage, lactation and expression each with their own unique suction pattern and frequency. (see the end of this article for more info there)

For me I was an "auto" mode gal and I used a high intensity of 12. This worked fantastically well for me but it took me a while to figure it out. I found I got pretty decent milk expression using all of the modes initially and didn't think a lot about it. But once I started to play around with the different modes and intensities I found that this could dictate the amount of milk I would produce (sometimes significantly).

In saying this, there is no denying the stack of variables that can influence milk production when expressing (time of the day, before/after feeding, hydration etc etc etc). I still found it beneficial utilising a few pumping sessions to trial some of the different modes and intensities. This allowed me to find what was best for me and I felt it set me up for the next 9 months I had expressing. 

So some key take home points here when using Reggie for the first time:

- Trial all the modes and different intensities.

- Don't be afraid to use a 7-10 pumping sessions to work it out. You will still collect enough milk along the way for your little one :)

- Everyone is different! Discussing with your gal pals what works for you and what doesn't is healthy but don't forget you're not in their body and vice versa.


Reggie Modes


Mimic the long sucking pattern of a baby’s feeding. A continuous, steady suction that helps express milk from the breast. 


Short suction cycles combined with gentle massaging actions. Stimulate milk flow by mimicking the initial rapid sucking motion of a baby. 


A combination of massage and expression modes. It alternates between cycles of short massage like suction and longer, steady sucking. The auto mode comes with 6 - 12 levels of adjustment.   


Designed to closely resemble the natural sucking frequency of a baby. Begins with a gentle suction and gradually increases in intensity, replicating the way a baby’s sucking pattern changes during a feeding session. 

Give them all a try and see what works for you! 

Happy pumping!

Jem x