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Two Reggie Baby wearable breast pumps with a pink background
Woman cutting a banana while using two reggie wearable breast pumps in a kitchen
Woman pouring breast milk from breast pump into baby bottle after use in the kitchen
Two reggie baby wearable breast pumps - back view of one and front view of the other.
Top view of reggie baby wearable breast pump
All the individual parts of the reggie baby wearable breast pump
Two Reggie Baby breast pumps with packaging

Reggie Breast Pump

Reggie Breast Pump

Regular price $299.00

Experience the convenience and flexibility of Reggie. This pack includes two Reggie wearable breast pumps, offering nursing mothers a hassle-free pumping experience. Embrace the freedom to express milk on your terms with Reggie.

2 x Reggie wearable breast pump

2 x USB-C cables for charging

2 x bra adjustment buckle

2 x 24mm flange (breast shield) 

Flange insert
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