Introducing Reggie. Your new pumping pal.

Reggie Breast Pump

Reggie Breast Pump

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Experience the convenience and flexibility of Reggie. This pack includes two discreet Reggie wearable breast pumps, offering nursing mothers a hassle-free and discreet pumping experience. Embrace the freedom to express milk on your terms with Reggie.

2 x Reggie wearable breast pump

2 x USB-C cables for charging

2 x bra adjustment buckle

2 x 24mm flange (breast shield) 

How long will the order take to arrive?

Your order will be dispatched within 24 hours and you will expect your pumps within 5 business days.

I didn’t receive a tracking number, how can I find it?

Tracking information will be sent to you via email within 48 hours. Always keep an eye on your junk mail.  

Can I return my Reggie breast pump ?

For hygiene and safety reasons, Reggie can only be used by one person as it is a very intimate product, therefore once it has been used you will not be able to return it unless it is faulty.

Flange insert
Flange Size Guide
Reggie Breast Pump - Sizing Guide
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All in one design. No external cords or tubes

Reggie baby wearable breast pump BPA free illustration

BPA free materials and food grade silicone

Reggie baby wearable breast pump anti back flow protection illustration

Anti-backflow protection

Reggie baby wearable breast pump four modes illustration

4 modes - Lactation, Expression, Massage & Auto

Reggie baby wearable breast pump milk collection capability of 200ml illustration

Collect over 200ml from each pump

Reggie baby wearable breast pump 2 hour charge illustration

2 hours to charge via micro-USB

Reggie baby wearable breast pump 12 intensity levels illustration

12 intensity levels to suit your needs with max vacuum strength of 270-300 mmHg

Reggie baby wearable breast pump Australian family owned illustration

Australian family owned

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

I’ve been using the pump for nearly 2 weeks and it is easy to assemble and clean. Works well and is comparable to my hospital grade electric pump in terms of milk expressed. It’s easy to pop on while at work and pump discretely and is reasonably quiet to use.
My battery life jumps to the last bar after only 2 twenty min pump sessions. My bra has to be extremely tight or I have to press firmly on the pumps to get maximum expression of milk.

Bec B
Worth every cent!

Reggie makes pumping a breeze! It’s super easy to put together and clean, so much easier than the standard pump I used with my first child years ago. Overall a really clever design, I look forward to using it more as my baby gets older. I recommend purchasing a duel wall charger as each pump has to be charged separately.

Game Changer

Third baby and the thought of trying to find time to sit attached to a corded pump was absolutely impossible - I never thought a wireless pump could be as good but it’s amazing. The fact you get two included is an added bonus. Getting great results and it’s so easy to fit pumping into my busy schedule.

Great product!

I’m so happy with this pump. It’s easy to use, and great to be able to wander around the house and be hands free while pumping - especially as I have two other children.

Best pump ever!

Second time mum and have purchased the Reggie pump to be able to be hands free. I can say that this pimp is 100x better than other I have used in the past that were much more expensive! Very impressed with how easy it is to use and the power that the pump offers!!


200 - 220 ml

Please see the flange size guide on the product page. Reggie comes with both the 24mm and a 27mm flange included. If you determine that you need a flange insert, make sure you select from the 17mm, 19mm, or 21mm options before adding to cart.

Reggie has a suction strength of 280-300 mmHg.

Reggie has 4 modes and 12 levels of intensity; Massage, Auto, Lactation and Expression. 

Expression mode: This mode is designed to mimic the long sucking pattern of a baby's feeding. It involves a continuous, steady suction that helps express milk from the breast.

Massage mode: In this mode, the breast pump applies short suction cycles combined with gentle massaging actions. The purpose is to stimulate milk flow by mimicking the initial rapid sucking motion of a baby.

Auto mode: A combination of expression and massage modes. It alternates between cycles of massage-like suction and longer, steady sucking.

Lactation mode: This mode is designed to closely resemble the natural sucking frequency of a baby. It typically starts with a gentle suction and gradually increases in intensity, replicating the way a baby's sucking pattern changes during a feeding session.

Using your normal bra works perfectly, just make sure that Reggie is pressed firmly against your breast so that there are no gaps.

The Reggie breast pump is designed to sit inside your nursing bra however if you feel that you require more room we have included bra adjusters that create additional room. 

Reggie is designed to be flexible however we recommend that you are in an upright position; standing or sitting.

We have supplied two USB charges to allow you to charge both pumps at once.

Depending on suction level, the Reggie pumps will last for 80 - 100 minutes of work time. Reggie has an automatic shut off after 20 minutes.

About two and a half hours.

Your order will be dispatched within 24 hours and you will expect your pumps within 5 business days.

Please refer to our warranty policy.

Do not use the Reggie breast pump If you have an active implanted device that could be affected by a magnetic field (e.g., a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator).